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Footwear Product Photography
Commercial product photography for Journey's marketing and e-commerce dept. Services include: Table top, on-model, lifestyle
Commercial Product Photography
Commercial lifestyle and product photography for Cracker Barrel e-commerce department. Services include: Styling, photography, photo Editing
Fishing Lure Product Photography
Commercial product photography for fishing lure and tackle company. Catalog print campaign.
Fashion & Beauty Retouching Portfolio
Collection of photo retouching examples while employed at Hudson Yards Studios (Client: Victoria Secret)  
CGI Product Retouching
Photo Editing and Retouching for Hudson Yards Studio (Client:Victoria Secret)
Product Photography Retouching
Produced at Hudson Yards Studios (Client: Victoria Secret)
Fashion Retouching, Color Correction and Manipulation
Photo retouching for fashion photographer Chris March. Services include photo retouching, color correction, garment color swap, body manipulation and reshaping, scene compositing
New Balance Shoe Ad - Image Manipulation & Retouching
New Balance shoe replacement for Journey's in-store visual merchandising and catalog, compositing and retouching.
Beauty Retouching for Fashion photoshoot
Beauty Retouching for Fashion Photographer Chris March
Ms. Nora - Cast Promo
Promotional photos of the cast & crew from the short film "Ms. Nora". 
This was a 30 day project where each day I challenged myself to develop a concept, establish an art direction and execute a finished product that told a story. I set the limitation of only using stock images and setting a time limit of 2 hours. Some came out better than others. These are not portfolio pieces showcasing photoshop and compositing skills but rather to showcase my ability to continuously be creative, a dedication to following through, and a thirst for continued personal growth.
Dasani Sparkling - Advertising
Commercial Ad for Dasani Sparkling - Black Cherry Flavor Art Direction, Product Photography & Retouching
Small Batch Brewing & Distilling - Magazine Design
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Cover, Contents and Featured Story page design and layout, logo design & company branding
Urban Cookhouse - Brand Identity
Brand Identity Mock up for Urban Cookhouse. Services Provided: Graphic Design & Art Direction: menu design, business card design, logo design, package design and brand identity.
Ink Brew - Brand Identity
Services Provcded: Graphic Design, Illustration & Art Direction. Stationary design, logo design, package design
Fly Fisherman Club - Brand Identity
Brand Identity Mock up for the Fly Fisherman Club - Nashville Branch Services Provided: stationary design, logo design, apparel & embroidery design
Logo Design & Typography
A collection of logo designs from various freelancing jobs and personal work over the years.
Wedlock Images - Brand Identity
Brand Identity and promotional material for "boutique" wedding photography studio Wedlock Images, Nashville, TN.